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Bruce Lawrence
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Company Profile

Established in 1997, H.B.L. Consultancy Services Ltd is a UK based consulting company dedicated to providing expert custody, accounting and operations guidance and technical assistance principally focused at the securities servicing industry of the emerging capital markets.

The company acts as an advisor to international aid agencies, banks and corporates specialising in the full spectrum of the securities markets, including risk management, training, marketing, promotion and infrastructural development.

Expertise & Experience

H.B.L. Consultancy Services Ltd was founded by Bruce Lawrence after having spent 26 years involved with the securities industry at senior level with Credit Suisse First Boston, Chase Manhattan Bank and JP Morgan, coupled with 5 years on-site experience in Russia.

In recognition of his commitment to the development of the Russian securities market, Bruce Lawrence was awarded the Central Bank medal for “Input in the Development of the Russian Securities Market”.

As a recognised expert in the industry, Bruce Lawrence has presented papers at over 60 major international conferences covering a wide rage of topics such as Clearance & Settlement, Custody, Financial Infrastructure, Risk Management & Investment Strategies in Emerging Markets.

He has had published a number of articles in industry related publications and was also the author of the Securities & Investment Institute, Global Custody IAQ Workbook.

In 2009 Bruce was inducted into the Global Custodian Securities Services 'Hall of Fame' for his outstanding contribution to the securities services industry


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